A Research Journal in English

 ISSN 0971 - 605X


  Volume XX

Number 2

Winter 2013


  S. ViswanathanThe Substitution Motif in ShakespeareRead PDF
  Leonard R. N. AshleyThe Art and Practice of Literary CriticismRead PDF
  Susheel Kumar SharmaCulture and Literature in a Glo(b/c)alised WorldRead PDF
  Madhu D. SinghGender and Genre: E. B. Browning as Feminist and Literary TheoristRead PDF
  Ashu VashishtWrath and Laughter: Demonic Apocalypse in W. B. Yeats's 'The Second Coming' Read PDF
  K. B. RazdanApostasy and Tribulation: John Updike's Sociological Vision in His Major NovelsRead PDF
  Richa Shrivastava & Rashmi GaurMatriarchal Lineage in Gloria Naylor's Mama DayRead PDF
  Chetna GuptaAnita Desai's The Zigzag Way : The Text-Intertext RhizomeRead PDF
  Santosh Kumar SinghThe Blending of Compassion and Satire in Naipaul's The Middle Passage: A ReinterpretationRead PDF
  K. K. SharmaJayashankar Prasad's Theory of Poetry and ArtRead PDF
  Asha ViswasI. K. Sharma: A Poet of Places and PeopleRead PDF
  Reena Chauhan & Rashmi GaurNuances of Gendered Education and Selfhood in the Novels of Manju KapurRead PDF

Book Reviews

  Syed Ahmad Raza AbidiSusheel Kumar Sharma. The Door Is Half OpenRead PDF
  Anurag ChauhanH. C. Gupta. Gupta's Companion to EnglishRead PDF


  ContributorsRead PDF

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