A Research Journal in English

 ISSN 0971 - 605X


  Volume XI

Number 2

Winter 2004


  S. ViswanathanThe Interplay of Shakespeare Performance and Criticism: An Outline SketchRead PDF
  Th. R. SinghDeconstructive Complexities: Possibilities of InterpretationRead PDF
  Sunil SharmaPolitics, Ideology and Literature: The Legacy of Althusser ReconsideredRead PDF
  A.N. DwivediPhilosophical Strands in T.S. Eliot's WritingsRead PDF
  Sanjoy SaksenaAuden's Use of History in "Spain 1937"Read PDF
  Ashok K. TyagiUtopian Inclination in William Dean HowellsRead PDF
  Vijay TyagiA New Life:Anima as the Curve to WholenessRead PDF
  Ajay K. ShuklaThe Image of a Black in the Poetry of Langston HughesRead PDF
  Nirmaljeet OberoiThe Discourse of Resistance in Women's Poetry of India and CanadaRead PDF
  Sumitra Kukreti & Anupam SannyAnita Desai's Clear Light of Day: Forgiveness and Reconciliation as a Means of EmancipationRead PDF
  Rashmi GaurJhumpa Lahiri's The NamesakeRead PDF
  R.K. SinghAnn Davis: "I Am Worth a Smile"Read PDF
  O.P. GovilTime Perspective in Drama: A NoteRead PDF
  S. SrivastavaNayantara Sahgal's Lesser Breeds: Some ObservationsRead PDF
  M.Kamra & S.MaitiYank Martel's Life of Pi: A NoteRead PDF
  O.P. MathurMulk Raj Anand: A Personal TributeRead PDF

Book Reviews

  H.C. GuptaEmken, Ancient World ClerihewsRead PDF
  A.G. KhanHemant Gahlot, Evil in the Short Fiction of William FaulknerRead PDF
  Usha BandeJaiwanti Dimri, The Drupka Mystique:Bhutan in 21st CenturyRead PDF
  Kajali SharmaReshma Aquil, The UnblendingRead PDF
  Kuhu ChananaSushma Tandon, Bharati Mukherjee's Fiction: A PerspectiveRead PDF
  Vivek K. DwivediLakshmi Raj Sharma, Marriages Are Made in IndiaRead PDF
  K.K. SharmaI.K. Sharma ( Ed.) , New Indian English Poetry: R.K. SinghRead PDF


  ContributorsRead PDF

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