A Research Journal in English

 ISSN 0971 - 605X


  Volume XVIII

Number 2

Winter 2011


  Bijay Kumar DasIs There Such a Thing Called Canonical Criticism?Read PDF
  S. ViswanathanA Four-fold Interpretation of the Gayatri MantraRead PDF
  K.G. SrivastavaThe Relevance of Sanskrit Poetics to English StudiesRead PDF
  Brahma Dutta SharmaThe Arabs and the Arab World in the Plays of ShakespeareRead PDF
  Iffat AraThe Relevance of Songs in the Comedies of ShakespeareRead PDF
  K.B. RazdanMythology of Freedom through Fantasy: Autobiographical Experience and Popular Culture in William Burroughs's Cities of the Red NightRead PDF
  Ashu VashishtAn Ironic Adam in an Apostatic Eden: Bernard Malamud's God's Grace in the Context of Northrop Frye's "Theory of Modes"Read PDF
  Renu Bhadola DangwalAesthetic Value vis-a-vis Poetic Value: A Comparative Analysis of I.A. Richards and A.C. BradleyRead PDF
  S.C. Dubey M.K. GauravPronouncing the Discourse of the Nation: A Contextual Study of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall ApartRead PDF
  Pramathesh BhattacharyaThe Impact of the Upanishads on Rabindranath Tagore's Poetics and PoetryRead PDF
  Sunita SirohaNayantara Sahgal's Tryst with Destiny:A Critique of This Time of MorningRead PDF
  Sonali DasLiminal Characters in Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of LossRead PDF
  Anupama ChowdhuryChutnification of English: Techniques in the Novels of Manju KapurRead PDF
  Hoshang MerchantWhat Was Ralph Russell's Attitude to Mir's Homosexuality?Read PDF
  K.K. SharmaJayashankar Prasad on Realism ( Yatharthavad) : An Original Indian ViewRead PDF

Book Reviews

  I.K. SharmaO.P. Mathur, Post-1947 Indian English NovelRead PDF
  R.K. DwevediH.C. Gupta, Poetical RosaryRead PDF
  AnamikaAnkur Betageri, Bhog and Other StoriesRead PDF
  Meenakshi AgarwalRita Garg, An Abbreviated ChildRead PDF
  ChandrashekharaiahBasavaraj Naikar, The Frolic Play of the LordRead PDF


  Contibutors Read PDF

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